VSX 2019 Attendee Information

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The first year of Versus Expo is a couple days away, and we are so excited! There’s going to be quite a few things to do at the event, and we put this information together to help you have a better time at the first ever Versus Expo!

Getting to the Hotel:
There is a free shuttle from the Chicago O’Hare Airport to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare where VSX is taking place.

If you’re parking at the hotel, let them know you are an attendee of Versus Expo and you can get a parking rate of $15 per day. You may need to show your ticket confirmation email, so have it ready.

Hotel and Event Rules:
The main thing we need to make sure to do is respect the event space, hotel, their staff, and the hotel rooms. We want to leave the hotel with a good impression so they’ll be eager to host our event next year! Please don’t leave your rooms trashed, if you need a trash bag, ask our registration table and they will be happy to provide one.

There is no discrimination of any type of person. Treat everybody with respect regardless of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or interests. This event is inclusive and accepting of everybody.

There are going to be several well known Youtubers and Twitch streamers at the event. If they appear to be occupied with something, please be respectful. Make sure that people have their space because they don’t typically want to be treated differently or have extra attention drawn to them. We’ll try to have a space set up where different content creators can have planned meet ups to spend quality time with people who enjoy their content. Make sure to follow us on Twitter or join our discord to stay up to date with those times.

Our live stream will be rated PG-13. We’re asking our streamers and commentators to keep swearing and crude humor to a minimum, but we want people to be able to express themselves!

Hotel Rooms:
You can check into your hotel rooms at the front desk in the hotel lobby. If you still want to book a room, we still have the discounted price for Saturday nights if you book it through our website.

Check in for VSX:
Versus Expo will be taking place on the bottom level in the International Ballroom. There will be a registration desk outside the hallway where you can check in and receive your event badge. You can also buy VSX 2019 T-shirts here for $15.00 USD. They’re first come first serve so snatch one up at check in!

Event Staff:
Versus Expo staff will be wearing a shirt with an orange VSX logo. If you have any questions or concerns ask one of them and they will help you out to the best of their ability.

Expo Hall:
The Charity Stream Room has the live stream setup with chairs for a live audience. We’ll be doing a three day live stream with a variety of video game racing events. You can find the complete schedule here: https://versusexpo.tv/stream-schedule

The Tournament Room for the Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments. We will have 32+ Switches at the event with all the characters unlocked in SSBU for this event. You can find all the tourney info here: https://smash.gg/tournament/versus-expo-2019/details

The Console Freeplay Room has a lot of HD televisions along with CRT televisions for retro games. World 9 Gaming will be there to rent out a very limited number of game consoles, we encourage you to bring your own consoles to play with your friends. Bring some of your favorite games as well!

The Chill Room is relaxing set up with a TV that is set up to play casual party games with friends like Jackbox, Towerfall, Mario Party, Wheel of Fortune, and whatever people are feeling like playing. There will also be some tables set up for people to play board games. We’ll be providing some board games but if you would like to bring one for people to play then it would be much appreciated! Just make sure to put a label on the box and write your name so there’s no confusion!

We will have security at the end of the hallway to ensure nobody is stealing games or equipment.

Final Thoughts:
We’re excited to see all of you there! Let’s have the best weekend of our lives by building up a community around what we love while raising money for charity! Thanks to everybody who is spending money to come to VSX or volunteering in any way. As our first event, we are honored that you have enough faith in us to believe in our potential to host a fun event. We hope to not let you down and provide a weekend you will never forget!

We look forward to seeing you!

- Tyler and Josh