The Venue

We will be situated at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois near the Chicago O’Hare Airport. It’s a gorgeous hotel with numerous ballrooms of different sizes,and we’ll be in their second largest ballroom (not pictured), giving us space to grow in the future. The Chicago area is centralized to most places in the United States, making it easy for most to attend! We’ve had extended talks with the hotel, and they are eager and enthusiastic to help this event grow. We’ve negotiated affordable room prices to allow as many people to come to this event as possible.

The Live Stream

VSX will take place from April 19th to the 21st.All three days of the event will be live streamed to the Official_Versus Twitch channel, and you can use to share the stream! We are in the process of compiling a schedule and game lineup, which will comprise the majority of the show. We have plans for additional backup content to use in case of an emergency where one of the scheduled blocks cannot be completed. All this will be announced in the Versus Expo Discord when we have a list ready.

We’re going to be talking to the kind folks at Twitch in hopes of working with them to putting the event stream on the front page, so this will be a great opportunity to show off everyone’s talent.

The Speedrunners

We’re working closely with top speedrunners and speedrunning communities to ensure that they are treated right at Versus Expo. We believe that the runners are the reason many people attend gaming events similar to VSX. Runners will be expected to bring their best foot forward to compete with their rivals among the communities. Many blocks of the event will be races for prizes, which runners will be competing for! Once we have a list of confirmed runners for the lineup, we will first share it with the Versus Expo Discord.

The Commentators

Runners are expected to bring their best to the competition. This can be difficult to accomplish while keeping commentary running, so we’ll be selecting people who are familiar with speedrunning and the runs being held to be the voice behind the races while bringing in some talent from other gaming communities.

Versus History

Versus started back in 2011 when we decided to have a let’s play-styled race of Mario Sunshine on Youtube. The series got some decent traction, which caused a lot of people to get interested in the concept of video game races. Since then we have enjoyed commentating and racing each other so much we decided to create a Youtube channel dedicated to racing each other. Over the years we’ve raced through different game series such as Mario, Zelda, Banjo Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, Pokemon, and more. With each series that we have created on Youtube, we have tried out different gimmicks or approaches to how games can be raced through to see what people enjoy the most. We have learned from years of experience what people enjoy watching the most and we are keeping these ideas at the forefront as we plan VSX.

On top of our normal Youtube series we created, we have hosted a couple charity live streams to test out the possibility of Versus as a live event. We have: hosted Versus panels at both PAX East and West where we have tested out some concepts we have for Versus Expo in front of a live audience, worked on building up Versus as a live show on Twitch, and more. Needless to say, we are very passionate about what we do and have figured that Versus Expo is the best direction to take the event.

Moving forward, we don’t want to focus on ourselves - we want to take the platform we’ve created for ourselves and use it to give attention to tons of other very talented gamers. On top of that, we really want to help contribute to the community by giving a lot of like-minded gamers a location to all hang out so more friendships and connections can be made. We have both attended lots of conventions over our lives and know how amazing it is to be in a place where we can meet and spend time with people who are just like us. With how large many conventions have grown to be over the past years, we wanted to start our own that has a focus on the types of games we enjoy with the demographic of people we hang out with. Our goal is for VSX to be a new space for friendships to flourish and for speedrunning and races to get the legitimacy they deserve.